Clear Story with 1 character.

Ugly Stepsister

Clear Story with 2 characters.

Human Fiona

Beat Story as Ogre Fiona.

Lil Witch

Beat Story with all starting characters.


Clear Story with 3 characters.

Red Riding Hood

Clear Story with 4 characters.


Clear Story with 5 characters.

Captain Hook

Beat Story without being slammed as any character.

Big Bad Wolf

Defeat Big Bad Wolf in Red Riding Hood's story.

Monsieur Hood

Defeat at least 5 Archers in 1 match in any mode.


Defeat at least 10 Witches in 1 match in any mode.


Clear Adventure with Shrek and Ogre Fiona.


Defeat 15 Pumpkins, Frogs or Rats in 1 match or Superslam the Giant Pumpkin before your opponent does in any mode.


Clear 10 Missions in a row in Adventure as Shrek or Ogre Fiona.

Kitty Softpaws

Win a Melee match as Puss in Boots or land 10 Hits or more in a combo in any mode.

Humpty Alexander Dumpty

Win a Treasure Hunt match as Puss in Boots with 10 or more points ahead of at least 1 opponent.


Clear Adventure with every characters. In this mode, the player instantly slams an opponent in one hit.


Clear Story with every characters.

Evil Gnome

Clear Adventure with Donkey.


Clear Adventure with Shrek.


Clear Adventure with Ogre Fiona.


Clear Adventure with Puss in Boots.


Clear Adventure with Gingy.


Clear Adventure with Prince Charming.

Stone Warrior

Clear Adventure with Pinocchio.


Clear Adventure with Ugly Stepsister.

Heavy Knight

Clear Adventure with Human Fiona.


Clear Adventure with Lil Witch.


Clear Adventure with Thelonious.


Clear Adventure with Red Riding Hood.


Clear Adventure with Artie.

Evil Tree

Clear Adventure with Big Bad Wolf.


Clear Adventure with Monsieur Hood.

Pirate Captain

Clear Adventure with Captain Hook.

Black Knight

Clear Adventure with Rumpelstiltskin.

Guard Captain

Clear Adventure with Brogan.

Royal Guard

Clear Adventure with Cookie.

WA Student

Clear Adventure with Gretched.


Unlock Cat Cabana

Cat Catcher

Defeat a boss in any mode

San Ricardo

Clear Story with Puss, Kitty and Humpty.

Sky Castle

Defeat the Hill Giant as Puss or Kitty.

Clock Tower

Defeat the Final Boss in Story.

Cat Cabana

Clear Adventure with Kitty.

Far Far Away (Twisted)

Defeat Rumpelstiltskin in Story.

Shrek's Swamp (Twisted)

Complete 'Convince the Evil Trees to leave Shrek's Swamp' as Donkey in Adventure.

Dragon's Castle (Twisted)

Complete 'Defeat the Dragon' as any character in Adventure.

Ogre Camp

Complete 'Showdown VS Fiona!' as Rumpelstiltskin in Adventure.

Rumpel's Palace

Complete 'The Final Battle' as Rumpelstiltskin in Adventure.

Ice Queen

Clear Story AND Adventure with all characters.

Candy Apple Inn

Complete 'Convince the Gnomes to leave Poison Apple' as Ugly Stepsister in Adventure.

Duloc (Haunted)

Complete 'Defeat the Skeletons' as Prince Charming in Adventure.

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