Sonic Returns is a platform videogame and the sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) develpoed by Sonic Team, published by Sega and directed by the same guy who made the predecessor Shun Nakamura. (Note: I know what you guys are all thinking if you are about to read this. How can it be a sequel to that god forsaken game if the events never happen? Well, I'll explain later.)


After encountering an evil entity of darkness named Mephiles who seeks the Chaos Emrealds, Sonic becomes confused as to how he knows him. To find the answers he seeks, Sonic races after him and gets sucked up into an alternate dimension along with his friends. Finding out about how he attempted to defeat an evil reality warping monster known as Solaris but failed to under means unknown, Sonic the Hedgehog must find a way to put an end to Solaris once and for all in order to save the world.

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