South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut: The Game is a platforming/stealth game for the Wii, Xbox 360, and the PS3.


After the boys watch an unsuitable movie, their mothers take action and blame Canada for the movie. The mothers then kidnap the film's stars Terrance and Philip and threaten to kill them, therefore waging war on Canada. The boys then try to reason with their mothers, but fail. They then try to set up their own club to save Terrance and Philip.

Meanwhile Kenny dies and goes to Hell, where he discovers that when Terrance and Philip are killed, Satan and Saddam Hussein (who are gay and in love) will rise up from Hell and conquer Earth. Kenny then tries to convince Satan not to conquer the earth and to stand up to Saddam, who bosses him around.

The boys (with help from The Mole), manage to free Terrance and Philip, but are trapped in the crossfire between America and Canada, Kyle's mother then executes Terrance and Philip and accidentally summons Satan. Stan, Kyle and Kenny fight Satan, while Cartman confronts Saddam Hussein. They defeat the pair and Satan destroys Saddam, finally standing up to him. The town say goodbye to Satan as he departs.

Playable Characters

Stan Marsh

Eric Cartman

Kyle Broflovski

Kenny McCormick

The Mole


Mountain Town (tutorial)-- Gather the boys to go to the movies.

The Terrance and Philip Movie-- As the four boys, find a homeless person, then find money around South Park to pay him.

Hells Pass Hospital-- As Stan, Kyle and Cartman, sneak out of the hospital and avoid the boys mothers.

Hell's Gateway-- As Kenny, get to the switches and open the gates to Hell.

Kyle's Mom's a B*tch-- As Cartman, in the school, escape from Kyle's Mom.

Blame Canada-- As Stan, Kyle and Cartman, sneak to the boys mothers to try and reason with them.

Hell-- As Kenny, travel across Hell, beating Satan's traps.

La Resistance-- As Stan, Kyle and Cartman, train with Gregory to prepare for war.

Satan's Castle-- As Kenny, climb Satan's Castle to convince him to stand up to Saddam Hussein.

The Recue Begins-- As ze Mole, sneak through the execution camp to save Terrance and Philip.

The Power Switch-- As Cartman, sneak towards the power switch and turn off the power.

The Great Escape-- As Stan and Kyle, race through the soldiers and rescue Terrance and Philip.

The Vision-- As Stan, run through the forest to find the others.

The War-- As Cartman and Kyle, race across a battle field to confront Kyle's Mom.

The Rise of Satan... And Saddam Hussein!-- As Stan, Kyle and Kenny, fight and defeat Satan.

The Final Battle-- As Cartman, kill Saddam Hussein once and for all!


Stan's Mom-- Hells Pass Hospital

Kyle's Mom-- Kyle's Mom's a B*tch

Cartman's Mom--Blame Canada

Satan-- Hell

Gregory (Stan only)-- La Resistance

Kyle's Mom (again)-- The War

Satan (again)-- The Rise of Satan... And Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein (final boss)-- The Final Battle

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