Handheld ports for Spyro: A Hero's Tail were produced for the Game Boy Advance in 2004, and later for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable in 2005. They were produced by Cor-Son Games to close off their deal with Vivendi Universal Games after making 3 games with them. The PSP version is a direct port of the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube versions, albeit with some differences, while the GBA and DS versions, which are both the same game, but on different handhelds with noticeable differences on the Nintendo DS, are downgraded ports of the original.

Gameplay (GBA and DS Versions)



PSP Differences from the Console Versions

Because it had more powerful hardware, the PSP was able to replicate the gameplay from the home console ports (albeit, compressed). Some minor features in the console ports were removed to preserve disc space and the graphics were slightly downsized.

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