In 2003, a GBA port for Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly was released. It was developed by Cor-Son Games, using assets provided by Digital Eclipse.


The game is set in an isometric perspective, and plays similarly to the console versions of the game.


Cor-Son had minimal interest in the Spyro series, but were forced to work on entries in the series to abide by a contract they signed with Vivendi Universal Games in order to back the then in-development Green Jean 3: Downers Against the Upside where they would have to produce titles for some of their other IPs.

Cor-Son decided to produce a GBA port of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly after seeing the poor reviews the home console versions received, as they had low expectations to meet. Cor-Son's deal with Vivendi led to the creation of this, Green Jean 3 and later handheld ports for A Hero's Tail in 2004.


The game received mixed reviews. Critics agreed it was an improvement over the home console ports, but felt it played far too similarly to Digital Eclipse's other Spyro games.