Strongest Under Heaven 2 (aka S.U.H.2) is a fighting game developed and published by Aozora as the sequel to Strongest Under Heaven taking place two years after the original setting.


The S.U.H. Tournament was created and owned by Rikuo Saiga, a rich oldman who enjoys fighting. He created the fighting tournament so he could be able to witness great fighters from all over the world and get a chance to fight them. He had only made it that it is only held every 2 years so every fighter who wishes to participate could train for 2 years and be fully prepared for the tournament when it comes to their country. This year, the tournament has taken place all over the world as a special event for all the fighters, allowing anyone anywhere to join.

At the ending of the last tournament, Tenken was defeated and had been killed by his own mind. The next year, Rikuo Saiga had decided to make the tournament world-wide as an event celebrating the tournament's 20th anniversary, allowing anyone, any age, and anywhere join; hearing about this, Hinamori Raikuro and Ryo Sakurai had both decided to join the tournament and test their skills against the world's greatest fighters.


The gameplay is a lot similar to the first game, with the same mechanics and fighting system with some of the same game modes as before. The new upgrades adds three new bars called the "Power Bars" to limit the amount of special attacks that can be used and also add in stronger special attacks.

Players are now able to create their own characters, being able to fully customize their clothes and fighting styles. Players' created characters can be used in the story mode with their own stories, changing depending on the personality and main fighting style of their character.

The gameplay is slightly faster than the last game and all characters now have a special unique attack called "Limiter Break" which uses all three of the new Power Bars to do a special attack that can do massive damage against the opponent. The new Power Bars can be filled by taunting, attacking the opponent, or being attacked, there are also a few characters who have the ability to charge up their Power Bars by holding the taunt button.

Character roster


  • Hinamori Raikuro
  • Ryo Sakurai
  • Kasumi Gotoh
  • Wataru Taro
  • Kai Musashibo
  • Aya
  • Kotaro Kamikiri


  • Max Hart
  • Jenn Cooper
  • Fro-Zone
  • PF-06
  • Noel Santigo
  • Forest Springfield
  • Rico


  • Tyler Jordan
  • Mist
  • Edward Belmont
  • Roy Montague
  • Alucard
  • Ein Schwert


  • Lu Lin
  • Yin & Yang
  • Ming Yu
  • Jack Long
  • Xiao Xiong
  • Jiangshi


  • Lee Tsu Han
  • Hyo Vu Jong


  • Vlad Makanov


  • Neng Chai
  • Wah Bak


  • Hunter Crystalis


  • Spear v2.0
  • Rikuo Saiga
  • Sin
  • Agent
  • Sentry