Strongest Under Heaven 3 (aka S.U.H.3) is a fighting game developed and published by Aozora as the sequel to Strongest Under Heaven 2 and is also the third installment of the Strongest Under Heaven series. Once again, the setting takes place 2 years into the future after the last setting.


The S.U.H. Tournament was created and owned by Rikuo Saiga, a rich oldman who enjoys fighting. He created the fighting tournament so he could be able to witness great fighters from all over the world and get a chance to fight them. He had only made it that it is only held every 2 years so every fighter who wishes to participate could train for 2 years and be fully prepared for the tournament when it comes to their country. This year, the tournament has taken place in the United States of America.

After Sin was defeated in the last tournament, the organization known as Fake was destroyed with the help of the S.U.H. Agency after the tournament. Not expecting to join the next S.U.H. tournament, Hinamori had moved to America to go to a college but had met with her old rival and friend, Ryo and was tempted to once again fight in the tournament. What no one had expected was that a new reward was added into the tournament, the winner gets to own the S.U.H. tournament and inherit all the money and fortune of Rikuo Saiga.


The gameplay is very similar to the last two games but with slightly faster gameplay and more realism in the characters. The new upgrades adds a new fourth bar to the Power Bars called the "Vengence Meter" and the improved graphics. The character list for the create-a-fighter had been decreased to only seven to improve gameplay and add more items to customization. The character roster had also been reduced for the same reason.

The Vengence Meter can only be powered up through having the player's character be damaged by the opponent. Once the Vengence Meter is full, the player can unleash an attack called "Limit Overheat" or use the meter to make the character faster and stronger by not using the Limit Overheat. The Limit Overheat attacks are similar to the Limiter Breaks but are slightly stronger and has a possiblility of damaging the character doing the attack in the body part used to attack if the attack critically hits.


  • Hinamori Raikuro
  • Ryo Sakurai
  • Max Hart
  • Wataru Taro
  • Noel Santigo
  • Jenn Cooper
  • Khan Lee
  • Aya
  • Agent
  • Sentry
  • Sin (DLC)

Unlockable Characters

  • Ming Yu
  • Jack Long
  • Tyler Jordan
  • Kai Musashibo
  • Yin
  • Yang
  • Futo
  • S.A.M.
  • Fro-Zone
  • PF-09
  • Spear v3.0-Perfection
  • Neng Chai
  • Forest Springfield
  • Sarah Atlas
  • Rikuo Saiga
  • Agent #2
  • John Kuroda (PS3 only)