The game begins in 1990 when Tails and Sonic
meet up in Pokémon Region Sinnoh,where there adventure begins. Sonic and Tails arrive at Sinnoh after a harsh battle with Dr.Eggman's new robot, the Portalrafter, where in the midst of the battle, the robot created a rupture in space time that created a portal that sucked everybody in the place in, including the robot (which is now malfunctioning and can't take them back),Eggman (who was seen flying off somewhere distant) and Sonic and Tails where they where they flew off, later on it is seen that Eggman has been working with Team Rocket creating robotic pokemons that are superior than the real ones, and the already robotic ones being 1000 times more meaner and nastier. Sonic then finds Tails who has teamed up with Pikachu and Mudkip along the way, where they find an odd orb that fuses them and creates a new powerful Sonic and Pikachu fusion who calls himself Sonichu while Tails and Mudkip seem to fuse call himself Tailkips and they go onwards with their new abilities from the fusion to defeat eggman, repair the machine and go back to their world.




Eggman (Antagonist)

Giovanni (Antagonist)

Aria Giovanni (Antagonists Daughter Pornstar in the game)



Dawn (Protagonist love interest)

May (Protagonist love interest)

Misty (Protagonist love interest)

Gabe Newell


The game plays like your standard 2D sonic adventure games, each with their original abilities in which they both have to avoid Pokemon along the way and team up with them as well, and later on start using the abilities they gain from the fusions. Quick time events play a large part in the game aswell, missed evets result in the game powering your system down and erasing your save.


Nintendo Power: Origilan game with very fun gmeplay 10/10

IGN: game is very cool and is added to top 100 xbox games

NoGaems magazine: we hope to get this game for our NoGaems3 especially because there is no multiplayer

CWCville weekly: I downloaded all 500 peices of DLC for this game. It cost me my parents house, and put me into crippling debt but it was well worth every penny of tax payer money.

BIOWARE REVIEW SQUAD: It's so great that you can have a romance in the game but it is very limited we would've liked it if there were female pokemon romances 6/10 for lack of waifus and husbandos

Wizards monthly: NOT ENOUGH WIZARDS!

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