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Super Mario Galaxy 3 is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2. There are only 60 original stars available, although you get to re-play the Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 levels when you complete the main game.

Unlike others in the trilogy, It allows you to have up to four players;Mario, Luigi, Orange Luma, and Blue Luma. The Lumas will only delivere objects to the nearest Brother.

The game introduces new enemies, and has brought back old ones.

New Enemies

  • Siege Hammer Bros.(Found on older games)
  • Shar-bills(Aquatic versions bullet bills)
  • Blue Goombas
  • Red Goombas
  • Movile black holes
  • Wasps
  • Fire Piranah Plants
  • Zombie Koopa Troopa
  • Dragoon (An enemy from Super Mario World)
  • Infected Yoshi(Spin around him three times to make him freindly)

Power Ups

  • Fire Flower
  • Cloud Flower
  • Power Leaf
  • Sphershroom(turns Mario into a controllable ball)
  • Mole Mushroom(replaces spin-dig)
  • All power-ups from Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • All power-ups from Super Mario Galaxy 1
  • Water Launch(from SMS)

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