Super Smash Bros. Thunder is a Smash Bros. game by AdamGregory03. The game is released for the Nintendo 3DS.

Playable Characters

There are supposedly lots of new characters, most of them returning, while still having new characters.

Character Icon Series

Neutral Special

Side Special Up Special Down Special Final Smash
Mario Marioshot Mario Fireball Raccoon Spin Super Jump Punch Star Spin Mario Finale
Donkey Kong Dkshot Donkey Kong Kong Punch Headbutt Spinning Kong Handquake Barrel Buster
Link Linkshot Legend of Zelda Hero's Bow Boomerang Sword Spin Bomb Triforce Slice
Kirby Kirbshot Kirby Inhale Hammer Final Cutter Stone Crash Kirby
Pikachu Pikachu Pokemon Electro Ball Iron Tail Agility Thunderbolt Volt Tackle
Yoshi Yoshot Yoshi Egg Lay Egg Roll Egg Toss Ground Pound Yoshi Dragon
Princess Peach Peachshot Mario Heart Spore Peach Bomb Parasol Turnip Peach Blossom
Zeldaand Sheik Zeleikshot Legend of Zelda Naryu's Love/Needle Storm Din's Fire/Chain Teleport Change Light Arrow
Samus Aran Samusshot Metroid Charge Shot Missile Screw Attack Bomb Zero Laser
Diddyand Dixie Didxieshot Donkey Kong Peanut Popgun/Grape Shooter Cartwheel/Hair Spin Jetbarrel/Hair Copter Kong Swap Kong Finale
Fox McCloud Foxshot Starfox Blaster Illusion Fox Fire Fox Reflector Land Master
Falco Lombardi Falcoshot Starfox Blaster Illusion Falcon Fire Falcon Reflector Land Master
Toon Link Toonlinkshot Legend of Zelda Hero's Bow Boomerang Sword Spin Bomb Triforce Slice
Sinnoh Trainer Sintrainshot Pokemon Bubble Beam, Leech Seed, or Fire Punch Aqua Jet, Razor Leaf, or Close Combat Waterfall, Vine Whip, or Flame Wheel Pokemon Swap Triple Finish
Bowser Bowshot Mario Flame Breath Koopa Klaw Whirling Fortress Bowser Bomber Giga Bowser
Mega Man Megashot Mega Man (3rd Party) Mega Buster Weapon Use (Metal Blade, Jewel Satelite, Super Arm, or Commando Bomb) Beat Lift Weapon Change Rush Adapter
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonicshot Sonic the Hedgehog (3rd Party) Homing Attack Turbo Speed Spring Spin Charge Super Sonic
Tails Tailshot Sonic the Hedgehog (3rd Party) Ring Bomb Tail Slash Copter Tornado Downward Tail Slash X Tornado Burst

Locked Characters

See Super Smash Bros. Thunder/Unlockable Content.



  • Smash Ball
  • Assist Trophy
  • Super Mushroom
  • Poison Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Green Shell


Coming soon.

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