Is a 7th Generation Game that was developed and published by Banpresto the Game was ported into Playstation 3 and Xbox was released in Japan 5 July 2011.


Earth now is peacefull from evil threat but, An alien name Alien Mephilas summon all his monster to attack earth and now beginning of the evil threat has come, The Ultraman must stops Mephilas once and for all.


  • Story Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Vs Mode
  • Tag Mode
  • Replay and View Mode
  • Option Mode


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Playable Character:


  1. Ultraman
  2. Ultra Seven
  3. Ultraman Taro
  4. Ultraman Dyna
  5. Ultraman Cosmos
  6. Ultraman Mebius

Monster & Alien

  1. Red King
  2. Zaragas
  3. Zetton
  4. King Joe
  5. Alien Metron
  6. Alien Mephilas
  7. Alien Baltan
  8. Golmede
  9. Golzam
  10. Graikis
  11. Eleking

Hidden Character

  1. Ultraman Justice
  2. Reimon
  3. Ultra Father

Playable Stage

  • Mountain
  • City (Dawn)
  • Water Dam
  • City (Day)
  • Construction Site
  • Venus
  • Moon
  • City (Night)
  • Science Patrol Base
  • Science Patrol Base ( Mephilas Possesion )


  • this is the first Ultraman Game in Xbox and Playstation 3
  • this is the first time Graikis, Golmede, Golzam, Zaragas and Reimon was available in the Ultra Fighting Series.
  • whether Legend, Gaia and Tiga is available is Unknown.