Ultraman Cosmos is a Video game that was based on TV series and Movies. The Game was published and released by Bandai. it is sequel of

Ultraman , Ultraseven , Ultraman Tiga , Ultraman Dyna , and Ultraman Gaia

Game Mode

Story Mode

Follow the story of Ultraman Cosmos

History Mode

Follow the story of other Ultraman

Arcade Mode

In this Mode you can choose any character as you fight against 5 character

Versus Mode

In this mode you can select Ultramen and Monsters to fight each other with your friends

Training Mode

In this mode you can train or learn basic moves

Search Mode

In this mode you will Search and buy any Gallery. you will unlock a character

Gallery Mode

see all the Gallery mode you bought and searched

Option Mode

You able to change settings that available in the game

Playable Character

  • Ultraman Cosmos A Type
    • Luna Mode
    • Corona Mode
    • Eclipse Mode
  • Ultraman Cosmos B Type
    • Luna Mode
    • Space Corona Mode
    • Future Mode
  • Ultraman Cosmos Miracluna Mode
  • Ultraman Cosmos Skeleton Corona Mode
  • Ultraman Justice
    • Standard Mode
    • Crusher Mode
  • Ultraman Legend
  • Ultraman
  • Ultraseven
  • Zoffy
  • Ultraman Tiga Multi Type
  • Ultraman Dyna Flash Type
  • Ultraman Gaia Version 2
  • Ultraman Agul Version 2
  • Ultraman Nice
  • Lidorias
    • Chaos Lidorias
  • Golmede
    • Chaos Golmede
  • Chaos Head Everlease
  • Chaos Head Mebut
  • Chaos Darkness
  • Chaos Ultraman
  • Chaos Ultraman Calamity
  • Basical Baltan
    • Neo Baltan
  • Scorpis
  • Rayja
    • Fire Type
    • Water Type
  • Sandros
  • Gloker Rook
  • Gloker Pawns
  • Gloker Bishop
  • Zetton
  • Gomora
  • Redking
  • Alien Baltan II
  • Eleking
  • Alien Metron
  • Alien Guts
  • Pandon
  • Evil Tiga
  • Daigerun
  • Kaizer Dobishi
  • Blitzbolts
  • Alien Zagon
  • Custom Character ( 10 Bar )

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