this is the walkthrough of Ultraman and how to finished the game.


there are consist of 10 Episodes that available on this game list below:

  1. Berserk Monster !
  2. Real Battle
  3. The Electric Monster
  4. Flasher
  5. Violence Of The Monster
  6. Space Encounter
  7. Golzam's Appearance
  8. Baltan Onslaught !!!!
  9. Revival Of The Attacker
  10. Mephilas Invasion

there are mission points in each mission in order to complete the player must completed what the mission had told.

Episode 1: Berserk Monster !

Mission Points:

  • Hit Redking Half Of His Health Gauge.
  • Ultraman must do Strike Combo.
  • At 2:10 Redking will rampage and destroying much of the City.
  • Throw Redking at the Tower.
  • Defeat Redking with only Vatuzaki and Specim Ray.

Episode 2: Real Battle

Mission Points:

  • Dodged Alien Metron Finishing Move.
  • Ultra Seven must hit Alien Metron 10x.
  • Do not let Alien Metron hit Ultra Seven more than 12x.
  • Let Alien Metron Hit Ultra Seven Half Of His Health Gauge.
  • Defeat Metron With Eye Slugger.

Episode 3: Electric Monster:

Mission Points:

  • Ultraman Taro must do Strike Combo.
  • Eleking will transform into Electric Form.
  • Hit Eleking with Storium Ray and Taro Hurricane.
  • Let Eleking hit Ultraman Taro with his Finishing Move.
  • Hit Eleking with Ultra Dynamite in which, Eleking will replenish himself.
  • Defeat Eleking with Cosmo Miracle Beam.

Episode 4: Flasher

Mission Points:

  • Ultraman must hit Zaragas 4x
  • Zaragas will blind Ultraman.
  • Zaragas will be hit by the Science Patrol weapons.
  • Hit Zaragas with Vatuzaki.
  • Zaragas will rampage the city and do more damage to Ultraman.
  • Defeat Zaragas with Specium Ray.

Episode 5: Violence Of The Monster

Mission Points:

  • Golmede will hit Cosmos 5x
  • Transform into Corona Mode.
  • Hit Golmede with Naybuster Ray.
  • Ultraman Cosmos must do Strike Combo.
  • Dodge Golmede Finishing Move.
  • Do not let Golmede do the Strike Combo.
  • Defeat Golmede with Cosmos Palm Beam.

Episode 6: Space Encounter

Mission Points:

  • Attack the Gransphere.
  • Dyna Must Hit Graikis 7x.
  • Ultraman Dyna must do Strike Combo.
  • Hit Graikis with Solgent Ray.
  • Transform into Miracle Type.
  • Hit Graikis with Revolium Wave.
  • Dyna must Hit Graikis 3x.

Episode 7: Golzam's Appearance:

  • Mebius Must Do Strike Combo.
  • Hit Golzam with Mebium Blade.
  • Do no let Golzam do the Strike Combo.
  • Let Golzam hit Mebius with his Finishing Move.
  • Win the Charge Mode.
  • Hit Golzam with Mebium Beam.
  • Golzam will freeze Mebius.
  • Defeat Golzam with Mebium Dynamite.

Episode 8: Baltan Onslaught !!!

  • Ultraman must hit Baltan 15x.
  • Baltan will hit Ultraman with his finishing Move.
  • Attack Baltan without destroying the Center City.
  • Ultraman must do Strike Combo.
  • Hit Baltan with Vatuzaki.
  • Win the Charge Mode.
  • Do not let Baltan do the Strike Combo.
  • Defeat Baltan with Specium Ray.

Episode 9: Revival Of Attacker

  • Redking will do more Damage and Rampaged on the City.
  • Transform into Corona Mode.
  • Hit Redking with Naybuster Ray.
  • Transform into Luna Mode.
  • Used the Cosmos Palm Beam to hit Redking.
  • Defeat Mephilas Illusion.
  • Do not let Mephilas Illusion do the Strike Combo
  • Ultraman Cosmos must do the Strike Combo.
  • Ultraman Cosmos must defeat Mephilas Illusion without transforming into Corona mode.

Episode 10: Mephilas Invasion

  • Ultraman Mebius must do the Strike Combo.
  • Ultraman Dyna must do the Strike Combo.
  • Ultraman must do the Strike Combo.
  • Ultraman Taro must hit Zetton with Cosmo Miracle Beam in which. Zetton blocked it.
  • Ultra Seven must win the Charge Mode.
  • Ultraman Cosmos must do the strike Combo.
  • Hit Zetton with Cosmium Beam.
  • Do not let Mephilas do the Strike Combo.
  • Ultraman Cosmos must do the Strike Combo (2x).
  • Ultraman Cosmos must hit Mephilas with Ultimate Cosmium Beam.

Unlockable Character and Etc. :

After you completed a mission you will unlock some character that been lock list below:

  1. Alien Metron : Complete Episode 2.
  2. Zaragas : Complete Episode 4
  3. Graikis : Complete Episode 6
  4. Golzam : Complete Episode 7
  5. Zetton : Complete Final Episode
  6. Alien Mephilas : Complete Final Episode

Unlocking Hidden Character :

  1. Ultraman Justice: In Episode 9, Alien Mephilas will Create 5 Illusion after You defeat Revived Redking after you defeat the other 4 Illusion, Ultraman Justice will appeared and you must transform into Corona mode in order to defeat Justice or otherwise you won't get Justice ( you must played episode 9 in 2nd time ).
  2. Ultra Father: In Episode 8, Instead using Ultraman, You will fight as Ultra Father finish the mission to unlock him ( must be played in 2nd time ).
  3. Reimon: instead Using Ultraman in Episode 4, You will fight as Reimon finish the mission to Unlock him (must be played in 2nd time)

Unlocking Secret Weapons:

  1. Ultimate Cosmium Beam: Complete Final Episode.
  2. VictoriCosmium Beam: Defeat Ultraman Justice in Battle Mode must be in Eclipse Mode.
  3. Fire Punch: Finish Battle Mode with Ultraman Mebius.
  4. Specium Ray: Defeat Graikis with Solgent Ray in Episode 6.
  5. Ultimate Specium Ray: Finish Final Episode with Ultraman Only.
  6. Super Eye Slugger: Defeat Alien Metron with Eye Slugger.
  7. Cosmo Miracle Beam: Defeat Eleking with Cosmo Miracle Beam.


after if you finished the game you will find Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Legend and Ultraman Tiga in Gallery Mode and you will unable to unlocked both of the Ultras.

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