Ultraman Gaia is a Video Game that was based on the TV Series and Movies. The Game was published and released by Bandai. it is the sequel of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Vs Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Catch Mode
  • Gallery Mode
  • Option Mode

Playable Character

  • Ultraman Gaia Version 1
  • Ultraman Gaia Version 2
    • able to transform into Supreme Version
  • Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version
  • Ultraman Agul Version 1
  • Ultraman Agul Version 2
  • Ultraman Dyna Flash Type
  • Ultraman Tiga Multi Type
  • C.O.V
  • Apatee
  • Gan Q
  • Alguyros
  • Zonnel
  • Zorlim
  • Meemos
  • Imitation Ultraman Gaia
  • Imitation Ultraman Agul
  • Satan Bizorm
  • King Of Mons
  • Bajilis
  • Scylla
  • Kaizer Dobishi
  • Angel Zogu
  • Zogu
  • Golza
  • Neo Darambia

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